Tuesday, July 21, 2015

мой дом!

I came across an article about Soviet cartographers, and it happened to include a 1980 detail map of the neighborhood where I lived in San Francisco in 1970.   The end of the Cold War was decades away

That's our place at the corner of 17 Улица и  Cтанян (17th Street and Stanyan) !

I have difficulty reading Russian cursive in which all the park labels are written, but I can read most of the street names. That's Golden Gate Park and the Panhandle in the middle of the map.  You can see Stow Lake, where we used to canoe on quiet and serene Sunday afternoons and paddle gracefully for hours.

Kezar Stadium is in the lower right corner of the park. I remember one afternoon when I was painting the bedroom walls, I could hear through the open window the  cheers of the 49er fans at Kezar in the playoff game against the Cowboys, if I recall correctly.  As the game progressed, the cheering became infrequent and muted.  I knew the game was lost.  Afterwards, I happened to be outside when the dispirited fans walked past my place on their trek to their parked cars.