Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Три Медведя

My Russian lessons are coming along. I'm learning to read "The Three Bears". It was written by Tolstoy, which I didn't know. Goldilocks was a Western literary addition. In the original story her character doesn't have a name, but is known as  'a little girl'. The father bear's name is Mikhail Ivanovich, the mama bear's name is Natasha Petrovna, and the baby bear is Mishutka.

The book I ordered from Amazon arrived today.  I didn't know that the vendor was in Moscow.  That explains why it took three weeks to get to me.

It's beautifully illustrated, but it's more like a pamphlet than a book.  Nevertheless, it was worth the price to have it, and someday,  Insha'Allah, I can read it to a little Russian child.