Wednesday, October 21, 2015


We left Quincy (1) on my FLH Electa Glide traveling southeast on Highway 70 on our way home to Santa Cruz via Stockton.  My plan was to take 70 to Blairsden (2), and then Highway 89 to where it meets Highway 49 near Sattley.  However, several huge RVs arrived at the intersection of Highway 70 and 89 at the same time as I did, and so I avoided the crush by staying east on 70 across the Sierra Valley to Vinton (3), and then southwest on Highway 49 to Sattley and then over the Sierra Nevada.  I had studied the map that morning, so I knew it wouldn't amount to much of a detour---perhaps 50 miles.

Approaching Highway 89 (Google street view).  This is where there was a confluence of enormous and slow-moving recreational vehicles with lowly me and my ex on a motorcycle.

Highway 70 to Vinton (3) and then to Sattley turned out to be one of my most enjoyable motorcycle rides.  It was a straight road with very little traffic and unlimited visibility--my favorite conditions.


Here's a to topographic map of the area.

I took this picture outside of the gas station in Vinton (3).

A current Google Street View of the same place.  It's now a church.  What a difference 30 years makes.

Two pictures of a young Joe at the Vista Point (4).  You can see the Sierra Valley which stretches out to Hwy 70  behind me in the first picture.  I'm pointing toward Vinton in the second picture. Highway 49 hugs the Sierra foothills.

Looking back (Google Street View) toward the Vista Point and Sierra Valley beyond. 

Homeward bound.