Friday, December 11, 2015

Joseph Roulin

In Arle, Joseph Roulin befriended Vincent, and in the movie 'Lust for Life' at least*, helped secure the rental of the yellow house, which he shared for a time with Paul Gauguin, and in which he famously painted his bedroom. 

Relying on his brother Theo for income, Vincent couldn't afford models to paint.  Thankfully, Joseph Roulin was happy to sit for him.  

Vincent painted the entire family.

Wife Augustine

Joseph and Augustine's 17 year old son Armand

Eleven year old Camille

Four month old Marcelle

*One of my favorite movies is 'Lust for Life'--a biography of Vincent Van Gogh.

A resident of Arle who knew Vincent remarked that Kirk Douglas looked very much like the artist.