Thursday, December 29, 2016

Meeting Roosevelt

Roosevelt came into our room one year and took a nap on our bed for a few hours. Rested, he left, and when I saw him in the lobby that evening, he acted as if he didn't know me.

He adopted the Lodge, and accommodations were provided. 

He was named by the staff after a President, who visited the Lodge in 1937

Before departing the Lake Quinault Lodge, the president met with a large crowd of onlookers in the spacious lobby – including Native American children in traditional dress displaying some of their crafts. The Roosevelts, Governor Martin and the rest of the party were later treated to a presentation by children of the nearby Taholah Indian School as well as a traditional Indian warrior display of strength…dozens of costumed tribesmen in dual war canoes paddling at great speeds as the motorcade passed. LINK

A sketch of the fireplace in the lobby.

Framing detail.

It was calm, clear and cold at Lake Quinault this year.