Monday, December 26, 2016

Двенадцать разбойников(Twelve Thieves)

Regarding the crash of the Russian Tu-154 into the Black Sea on its flight from Sochi to Syria, one person commented: "With the famous Alexandrov Ensemble on Board. A sad cultural loss".

Twelve Thieves 

Once upon a time the twelve robbers lived,
Was ruling them a Koodiar-chief.
Much blood of the Christians simple had been spilled
Those criminals, they robbed, than they killed.

Lots of wealth the robbers had plundered,
They lived in the forest very dense.
Once Chief Koodiyar went to Kiev-town,
And a beauty-girl he kidnapped for offence.

In daytime, when with a’girl, he was having fun,
Koodiar-chief mostly raided at nights,
Suddenly, our Lord had awakened
Conscience in the fierce soul, Oh Might!

He left his criminal comrades, and,
Gave up the raiding, at all.
After went to the monks Chief Koodiyar,
For serving the people and God.

Let us pray to God, the Almighty Lord,
Let's serve him, and so we pray,
But for sake of Koodyar-robber soul's,
Let's pray Almighty as well.

Двенадцать разбойников

Жили двенадцать разбойников,
Жил Кудияр-атаман,
Много разбойники пролили
Крови честных крестьян.

Много богатства награбили,
Жили в дремучем лесу,
Вождь Кудияр из-под Киева
Выкрал девицу-красу.

Днём он с любовницей тешился,
Ночью набеги творил,
Вдруг у разбойника лютого
Совесть Господь пробудил.

Бросил своих он товарищей,
Бросил набеги творить,
Сам Кудияр в монастырь ушёл
Богу и людям служить.

Господу Богу помолимся,
Будем ему мы служить,
За Кудияра-разбойника
Господа Бога молить.